Occasional: less than 3 times per week
Regular: 3 or more times per week

*Pick ups and Drop offs included in all walking services.

1 Hour Group Walk
Includes on-leash and off-leash play time with a group of 2-6 dogs.

• Occasional $18/walk
• Regular $15/walk
• 2 Dogs in the same home $25/walk

45 Minute Solo Walk
This is a structured on-leash walk where your dog gets the benefit of 1 on 1 attention with one of our trained walkers.

• Occasional $25/walk
• Regular $20/walk

20 Minute Solo Walk aka Pee Break
Ideal for puppies who are not yet vaccinated or senior companions.

• Once a Day $15/walk
• Twice a Day $10/walk ($20 total)

Ask about weekend and holiday rates!