1 Hour Group Walk
Includes on-leash and off-leash play time with a regular group of 2-4 dogs.

• $20/walk
• 2 Dogs in the same home $30/walk

45 Minute Solo Walk
This is a structured on-leash walk where your dog gets the benefit of 1 on 1 attention with one of our trained walkers.

• $24/walk

15-20 Minute Pee Break
Ideal for puppies or senior companions.

• Once a Day $15
• Twice a Day $25

Choose Your Own Adventure (2 hour outing)

The CYOA Walk is perfect for dogs who need more exercise than the one hour group walk can provide, but where it differs from a typical daycare, is that your companion doesn’t need to thrive in any one particular setting. The CYOA Walk will keep your dog out for a minimum of 2 hours and will take them to whichever setting we feel they will succeed! For some pups that will be a leashed city stroll on sidewalks and through urban parks. For others, it will be a combination of leashed walks, play time at various off-leash dog parks and even nature hikes.

• Option 1: Pay as you go $30 for 1 dog  |  $50 for 2 dogs in same home
• Option 2: Unlimited monthly $550 for 1 dog  |  $990 for 2 dogs in same home

Train and Walk
With Sarah Hosick, CPDT-KA

Train and Walk service is the perfect option for dogs who are reactive on-leash, fearful, or need to brush up on their manners. It is also a great option for newly adopted dogs who are adjusting to city life. These walks will provide consistency and extra practice of appropriate behaviours to set your dog up for success. At the 2 hour initial consult, Sarah will meet with you to discuss what issues you would like to address, teach you skills to take out on your own walks, and will develop a personalized training plan for you and your dog.

• Initial Consult: $220 for 2hrs (one-time fee)
• Training Walk: $35 for 30min (2 walk minimum/week)

*Prices do not include HST
**Prices do include pick-up and drop-off from your home
***Ask us about weekend and holiday rates